• Debezt GPS Tracking with

    Real Time Monitoring

    Manage, Trace and Monitor your personal vehicles or fleet in Real Time. We offer most affordable GPS Tracker for Personal Car, Bus, Van, Lorry and Trailer in Malaysia.

    personal gps tracker
  • Debezt GPS Tracking with

    Smart Alarm Security

    Armed and Improve your vehicles Security System to protect yourself and family against vehicle theft or hijacker.

    gps tracking system
  • Debezt GPS Tracking with

    Full Web-Based Platform

    Access our user-friendly tracking platform from any Operating System or Web Browser in any devices without any installation.

    gps tracking system malaysia
  • Debezt GPS Tracking with

    Apps for Apple iOS and Android

    Track on the go on your Apple iOS or Android Devices. Group Tracking and Monitoring or even immobilize your vehicles.

    gps tracking solution
gps tracking system gps tracking system malaysia personal gps tracker vehicle gps tracker

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i-288(390) User Manual : DOWNLOAD
i-988m3 User Manual : DOWNLOAD
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GPS tracking systems are gaining popularity amongst Malaysians as the rate of stolen vehicles increase every year. Beyond Trading offers a variety of gps tracking system support. As one of the renowned choice of gps tracking system provider in Malaysia, Debezt provides top notched quality in terms of products and also services. We offer personal gps tracker, vehicle gps tracker, bus tracker, car tracker and lorry tracker. Basically almost every gps tracking solution one is looking for, they can find it here in Debezt. We place a lot of emphasize on the client support and after sales services too. We try to keep our customers happy to ensure loyal and returning clients with the best solution to their problems. When a client needs to keep an eye on a senior citizen with dementia, we can recommend our personal gps tracker placed in the wheelchair or in their bags that they carry about. If you have experienced your car which got stolen once and you do not want to go through all the agony and hassle in losing your vehicle again, the best solution is to install a vehicle gps tracker. For instances, if you run a bus company and you are tired of receiving complains on how inefficient your bus schedules are, the bus tracker is your answer. To keep track of your lorry drivers in your business, we can recommend our lorry tracker. At Beyond Trading, we place your needs first place.