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    Real Time Monitoring

    Manage, Trace and Monitor your vehicles in Real Time via PC, Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet with internet connection.

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  • Debezt GPS Tracking with

    Smart Alarm Security

    Armed and Improve your vehicles Security System to protect yourself and family against vehicle theft or hijacker.

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  • Debezt GPS Tracking with

    Full Web-Based Platform

    Access our user-friendly tracking platform from any Operating System or Web Browser in any devices without any installation.

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    Apps for Apple iOS and Android

    Track on the go on your Apple iOS or Android Devices. Group Tracking and Monitoring or even immobilize your vehicles.

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What is AHD-MDVR


AHD-MDVR is a functional Mobile Digital Video Recorder specially designed for vehicle video surveillance and remote monitoring. It supports video recording in CIF, HD1 and D1 formats, supports vehicle travel info record and wireless data upload. With the software it also achieves alarm linkage central monitoring, remote management and playback analysis.

Key Features of AHD-MDVR


support 1TB Hark Drive
support 4 channels camera
10 days video & gps record (with 4CH)
with 3G and GPS
Real-Time location with speed & voice video
PC Platform & Smartphone apps
Suitable for buses & Trucks

AHD-MDVR Apps Demo Video.